VerbalWill is your website to leave creative and meaningful moments behind by uploading seen or unseen videos.

1.) Select your account type.
2.) Record or Upload your video
3.) Select up to three people you would like to be notified of your account.
4.) Now your profile is created and waiting to be verified.

Here we take a three-step verification process before your profile is released.
1.) We reach out to you by email or phone (you have up to 12 hours to respond).
2.) You input up to three different names and emails in the file (we reach out to each person separately).
3.) Three of our advised in-house team members will do the research (Internet, Social Networks, and Local News site).

It can take up to twelve hours for a video to be released. The three people that you selected for your account will be notified by email.

The video becomes public and will be housed on VerbalWill forever.

We will send out by email.

Your video can be used as you may see fit. VerbalWill was created to leave fun and meaningful moments behind for loved ones to view.

Yes. You will just pay the difference in price.

We use PayPal for your safety of information. Billing on statements will have “Innovator INC”